One51 plc

Nomination Committee


The Nomination Committee's Terms of Reference under which authority is delegated to them by the Board, are available for download here.

The Chairman of the Nomination Committee attends the Annual General Meeting and is available to answer questions from shareholders.

The Nomination Committee of the Board consists of the following Directors:

  • Denis Cregan
  • Alan Walsh
  • Dalton Philips

The Committee meets at least two times per annum and the Chairman regularly updates the Board as to its activities.

The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • reviewing the structure, size and composition (including the skills, knowledge, experience and diversity) required of the Board and making recommendations regarding any changes in order to ensure that the composition of the Board and its Committees is appropriate to the Group's needs;
  • overseeing succession planning for the Board and senior management;
  • establishing processes for the identification of suitable candidates for appointment to the Board;
  • making recommendations to the Board on membership of Board Committees.

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